Friday, August 20, 2010

View from my office

Today I'd like to share the view from my office. I am one of the lucky ones with an awesome view of the sunrise through the dome of our State Capital building. They are preparing to erect the largest crane in North America right outside my window (well mine and 899 other workers!), so I thought with this momentous occasion coming up next week I'd start toting my camera to work. While I was snapping pics I also got a couple of my African Violets and my Fox Terrier socks. Enjoy!

If you zoom in on the street pic below you'll see the orange cones blocking off all but one lane and most of the parking out front. Usually park down there on the corner across from the circle drive, but decided with all the construction and potential for accidents I'd start using the employee parking lot.

Below is my little cubicle. Yes that towel on my chair says "Looney Tunes" and I suppose it's what we all feel like every now and then, huh?

One of my African Violet blooms

My traditional breakfast at my desk.

My socks!


Emily and Matt said...

I'm so HAPPY that you have a view now!!! :o) And what a beautiful scene it is.

Sharon said...

Yes I'm loving the view! Forgot my camera today and they have the erection crane up, so will put it in my purse for tomorrow.

carlotta said...

You have a beautiful view! And how cool that they're putting the crane up right by your office...very neat. Your breakfast looks delish! :)