Monday, August 2, 2010

Buffet and bookcase are done (almost)

I was hoping the new door handles and knobs would arrive soon, but no such luck, so I took pictures of the buffet sans handles/knobs anyway. At least you get the picture of what it looks like, then I'll post another after they get here. Silly camera doesn't always like to flash when it needs to, so excuse the darkness in the shots of the new (old) wine cabinet. Notice something is lacking in it? Yeah, we don't spend much money on alcohol around our house and when we do it's usually for a special occasion, not to set in some wine cabinet, but we both fell in love with the artsy whimsical, yet sort of Tuscan style and the price was right (way below half price!), so at the suggestion of our SIL I put some table linens in the cubbies. We're still not quite done with the dining room, but at least it's more like home now. I'll live with the roosters a bit longer until time to paint the walls, but it just looks too cluttered for my current taste. That Daddy-O of the Patio plaque has a place to hang on the wall, but I'm not quite ready for that either.
If you zoom in on this bookcase you can see the huge variety of cookbooks in my collection. I've got everything from special diet books to vegetarian to full-fledged Southern high fat cooking!
Below is the wine cabinet. Notice how the fruit design kinda sorta matches that of the rocking chair. I just realized that more than half of my dining room furniture came from the same place, Once More Decor (sorry, no web site found) in Topeka, Kansas. Great place to find quality previously owned furniture!

Ta ta for now!


Emily and Matt said...

It looks GREAT! (and even better in person) I really like the paint colors you chose for the bookshelf/buffet, they compliment the floor so well. AWESOME job, mom!

Budgets are the New Black said...

I'm such a sucker for bookshelves, and books in general. I just passed an old book shelf on display at a local antique store today, and I'm debating whether to go check it out: their prices aren't exactly bottom-barrel there!