Sunday, August 8, 2010

Buffet is FINALLY DONE!!!

Woohoo the buffet door handles and knobs came in the mail yesterday while I was pet-sitting my granddogs, cats, guinea pigs and fish!!! The first thing I did when I got home this morning after greeting all my pups was to tear open the package and mount these babies. What do you think? Did I tell you how incredibly difficult it was to find handles with a 4 1/4" distance between screws? Now that they're on the buffet I kind of wish they would have come in a bronze color, but under certain lighting conditions the floor has hints of that grey brushed nickle look to it, so I think all in all they're so much better than the old broken handles.

In the lighting below you can see the grey tint in the flooring.
Notice below how the shape of the door handle mimics the inlay on the drawer?

These are very sturdy and well made.
If you're looking for a huge variety of knobs and handles try looking through the supply online at  Shipping took a while, but they ship from a variety of locations. The prices were much lower than our local hardware stores, including the big ones and none of them had the right center size.

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Unplanned Cooking said...

Wow! Love it. Knobs always dress up a piece nicely.