Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pickin Pears

Here I am with a friend on her truck picking pears off the tree beside our house. What we thought would be a fairly simple task turned out to be a three hour long ordeal yielding hundreds of pears. The thing with pears is that you can't let them ripen on the tree or they'll get mushy, so we had to pick as many as we could. A bunch of branches had to be removed, many with the pears still on them. Hey, that's a really easy way to pick pears if you ask me! I kept saying, "yeah, that branch needs to be cut off too!" Now the tree is pretty thin, which hopefully will result in fewer, but larger pears next year.

Here we are with our bounty and tired, sore bodies. You can click on the pic to enlarge it to see the piles of pears in those bins (the pears folks, not my pear-shaped body... well more like apple shaped these days!)
Thank you Mary for the use of not only your truck, but your physical strength and good laughs! Oh, I just noticed our neighbor across the street on his riding mower (look over my right shoulder.) He got so worried about Mike standing up on the truck with the long-handled tree saw that he brought over his that has an extension handle on it. Thanks neighbor!

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