Friday, July 16, 2010

Sunday is Grand Opening Day for our Etsy Shop!!!

We're finally going to do it! Tomorrow Emily and I will do a photo shoot (sounds kinda glamorous doesn't it?) of  the items to be sold in our new Etsy Shop and will have our Grand Opening on Sunday. This is going to be such an exciting adventure to be in business with my VERY talented daughter. She is the inspiration behind it and the artist for our awesome logo

I am constantly amazed at her talent and want so much for her to be able to branch out and gain the recognition that she deserves. You've GOT to visit her blog and see some of her animal paintings!

Our shop is focusing on recycled and repurposed items. The initial offerings will be paper products like envelopes and notecards made out of things like calendars, magazine pages and cereal boxes. We got the idea to open a shop after creating invitations and Thank You notes along with envelopes for her sister-in-law's baby shower. Seems there were a few women in attendance who suggested we open up shop, so we're doing it! Have you ever had a dream, even during waking hours, that just kind of felt right? Well this is one of those dreams. What could be better than running a business from home with your very own daughter??? I am so in love with this girl-turned-woman and soooooo awestruck by her talent that I just can't wait to see what comes next! Please join us on Sunday for the big celebration. We'll have lots of grand opening specials!

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