Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dining Room Transformation continued

Wow, an empty bookcase!!!! How exciting is that? It's a built-in case on the dining room wall and previously was filled with cookbooks and chotskies, but today will get repainted to match the buffet.

Below are two pics, one of the pile of books on top of the buffet (still can't find handles with 4 1/4 inch spread between screws, so will keep looking) and a full pic of the entire room. I won't even apologize for the mess because we're in transition, but you can catch a glimpse of our "new" used dining room set and wine rack.

You can't really see the wine rack because that light is drowning out the colors. I'll take better pics when all is said and done and things are put back where they belong. Maybe we'll even buy some wine to put in the rack! Great way to celebrate the completion of our dining room... err, at least until it's time to paint the walls! Oh yeah I forgot to mention that those roosters and sunflowers are coming down off the wall on the right. Turns out they make me feel a bit too, hmm what IS the right word? Tacky, fake, unorganized, crowded... you get the picture, right? I want clean lines and organization. Wish me luck!


Margo said...

very exciting! looking forward to seeing the whole effect. I think you're smart to banish the wall art. We have many bare walls in our house and it is very relaxing.

Roger Gaelens said...

This looks like projects I love to get involved with! Hopefully you have found someone who really understands you and your dream space your looking for.