Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yippee it's Saturday!

What is it about weekends that makes me so happy? It seems that during the week I just keep counting the days until Friday because I know the next day is Saturday. Maybe it's the freedom I feel knowing that I can lounge around in bed all day if I want to, although that never happens unless I'm so sick that I can't move. Could it be the pressures of my job that make me yearn for the freedom of weekends? No, my current job is pretty much pressureless unless you count having to get up early, get dressed for work (fairly casual), drive 10 minutes in to town, park close to the building, sit at a computer all day and then drive home as being pressure I've been pretty much blessed with a good job and great co-workers. Besides that, my weekends are usually full of projects around the house that need to get done, so I'm actually busier at home due to the pressure I put on myself. Maybe that's part of it, I love weekends because my creative spirit has an outlet and there is usually so much more to show for my efforts than what I see during the week. Whatever the reason, I love weekends and look forward to the day I can retire so every day will be like my weekends are now!

So what, you might ask, is on my plate for this weekend? Welllll..... TONS! What will I get done? Who knows? Last night I made eight mini books to sell at the craft show Emily and I are doing on November 27th. Today I need to embellish them and make the ties for keeping them shut. I have about ten more sheets of paper to use to make more. Then I need to make more Thanksgiving cards for my own use and some for our Etsy shop. Oh and I MUST make some gift bags/shopping bags for our sale. We had so much 6 inch tulle left over from Emily's wedding that I'll use that to make simple reusable drawstring bags that are in keeping with our Eco Chique philosophy of reuse, repurpose, recycle! Even the Thanksgiving cards I've made have embellishments made out of cereal boxes. Hmmm, I wonder if using up my stash for those mini books counts as repurposing if the original intent of the paper was scrapbooks? lol!

Ok, so I'd better get busy working on all those weekend projects before the day is gone!

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