Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday ponderings

Update on my new toy first. I made a couple of feeble attempts at creating my own design and learned a few things. The first one was of my recently departed Wire Fox Terrier and it didn't have enough contrast, ending up just a blob of ink on the page. Who is that, Rorschach but he did the ink blot tests... well this looks kind of like one of those. Then I made a wordart file in MS Word of a scripture in a circle that must've been too small or didn't cook long enough or something because the letters all kind of melted together. Maybe I cooked it too long? Soooo, I tried one of the negatives supplied with the kit and it turned out much better, albeit still not quite what I'd like to see on paper. I scrubbed too hard when cleaning the goop off and the source of the quote fell off. Conclusions:  buy some acrylic stamp ink pads, don't scrub so hard, use a digital timer. I'm not ready to share pictures yet because, well, they're just too embarrassing. Well not really, I don't embarrass easily, but they're jut not worth showing. Am I disappointed and discouraged? No not really, just impatient because I like things to be easy peasy and this has a bigger learning curve than I'm used to.

Today has been rather productive though in spite of my boycott of my new toy for a day. It started out at usual with the dogs not wanting me to sleep in even though Mike so lovingly shut the bedroom doors so they couldn't bother me. Can you spell "dog claws clicking on the laminate floor outside the door?" Well it was time to get up anyway after getting that extra hour.... no wait! He turned all the clocks back before I went to bed so I really didn't get an extra hour, right? RIGHT.... because I stayed up and extra hour based on today's new time! Anyway, on to getting the vitamin trays filled for the week. Easy this time because we didn't run out of anything. You have to understand that in addition to the three little prescription drugs that I take every day I also take a fistful of assorted herbs and vitamins. One of these days I think I'll just stop taking all those extras just to see if I feel any different!

I finally tackled the dresser in the bedroom which was piled high with all kinds of stuff that didn't belong there (kitchen towels that got washed with my clothes, then never made it out of the room; old receipts; broken jewelry; Tupperware container full of stuff that came out of an old purse, and the list goes on...) The bonus is that Mike saw what I was doing and after he finished mowing our huge yard he came inside and cleaned off his dresser too! Isn't he the sweetest husband a gal could ever have?

Oh yeah, I always do my laundry on Sundays, so I got two loads done. Mike does his on Friday nights, then we do miscellaneous laundry if needed on Saturday. I usually do most of the folding when I get in bed while watching some kind of tv show.

We took a nice long walk around the neighborhood minus dogs. It was really quite pleasant unless you count that huffing and puffing while walking uphill. I've got to get in better shape so I can walk up a slight incline without losing my breath. You know they say if you can't talk while walking then you need to slow down, well let me tell you that I definitely could NOT talk!

I spent close to an hour unassembling, gluing and reassembling the bedroom wall clock only to decide it needs a new element. You know, that thing the battery goes in that makes the clock hands turn. They're very simple to replace and I've got one somewhere around here, but couldn't for the life of me find it. So for now it's just wall art!

NOW it's time to get down to my sewing room and whip up a thing or two.


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