Thursday, September 2, 2010

Did you know eggs could explode?

As many of you know by now I am blessed with a husband who likes to cook and also one who respects my need for down time when I get home from work. Now that he's back to teaching again he also has things that need to be done after work, so yesterday his mind wasn't completely focused on the task at hand... well at least not the one boiling on the stove. I knew that he was boiling eggs for me to take to work and from the far end of the house (it's not THAT big...) I could smell a faint odor of something overheating. He was in the room next to me working on school stuff, so I asked if he was still cooking the eggs and I guess he didn't hear me because the next thing I knew I heard a big POP! He must have really been in to his school work because not only did he ignore the smell, but also seemed oblivious to that explosion. YES I said EXPLOSION!!! Not like the one in Coffeyville when the condo Emily and I were living in blew up, but a very loud POP anyway. So I walk in to the kitchen to find egg EVERYWHERE!!! No I didn't take any pictures (silly me!) because I was more concerned about picking up the egg bits off the floor before the dogs got to them, shell and all. Got the stove turned off and the burnt pan set in the sink and proceeded to walk BACK down the hall to fetch Mike (still oblivious?!?!?) to finish the cleanup job (which I ultimately had to to later as I continued to discover huge chunks of egg and shell everywhere.) So what's the verdict? We, at the young age of 56, have officially become OLD PEOPLE!!! YUPPERS, where's the hidden camera that will be used to post funny videos on YouTube of us old people putting our cereal in the refrigerator, milk in the cabinet, eyeglasses in the freezer (not yet, but we're headed in that direction!) and exploding eggs on the stove?!?!

Stay tuned for further reports of unidentified objects flying through the air in our humble abode.....


Emily and Matt said...

Don't feel too bad, as only weeks ago your 27 year old daughter left a full pot of a dozen eggs boiling on the stove for over an hour.

That burnt egg smell is undeniably disgusting!

Interesting to note that mine never actually exploded, however all of the water had evaporated and the bottom of each egg was charred to a crisp!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness...LOL....I've let the boil dry before....but not explode...LOL I bet you find eggs for weeks!!! ;)

I also wanted to THANK YOU for your sweet comment on my blog!!! I hope you're having a VERY blessed weekend!!!