Friday, June 25, 2010

Car Soup

Our wonderful 1969 Buick Wildcat getting ready for a car show-off.

Here are some of the cars we saw tonight

Don't we ALL remember driving or riding in one of these babies?

How about this 1929 Pontiac? There's no name identification other than that chief on the hood.

Flames, flames everywhere!
Ok, enough for me, time to go home to the doggies...

Yes that IS a book under Tucker's head. He won a signed copy from the author! Pretty cool, huh?


The Teacher's Pets said...

Hello....I just found out about you through Tucker the Wandering Warrior and so I now your newest follower! I'm wondering if you are Tucker's mom, friend, or fan? I'm going to have to check into this blog a little later to do some more investigating!
I am a blogger buddy of Tucker's and I'm the one who hosted the Kathy Brodsky Book Giveaway and I'm so tickled to see that Tucker is reading Just Sniffin' Around! He must love that book a lot!

The Teacher's Pets said...

By the way, those cars are incredibly gorgeous! I am happy to report that I do not remember driving or riding in one of those fancy schmancy cars because I wasn't a teenager then but I sure would love to have a vintage car to drive from place to place!

Pavithra said...

Aah!! All these vintage beauties make me jealous..Thanks for putting up these lovely pics..I am now your newest follower! :D

Sharon said...

Replying to The Teacher's Pets... Yup, I'm Tucker's mom!!! Good guess! Also Katie, Libby, Charlie, Echo, Roger, JC and oh yeah, my real daughter Emily. We look a bit like you in that picture when we've got all four dogs on leash. Not much of that going on these days since Tucker can't go on leash anymore and Charlie gets tired out too much, but we plan on getting Katie and Libby out soon. Thanks for stopping by my blogs and BIG HUGE THANKS for doing the book contest!