Monday, June 7, 2010

The buy of the century!

What's all that you say? Well how about 11 polo shirts, most of them well-known name brands and 3 pairs of dress slacks all for a whopping $11... yes, that's eleven dollars!!! Woohoo! They were having a special, all the clothes you could fit in a paper sack for $11. So what if someone else wore them first, call them previously loved, broken in but not tattered (and if you saw my husband's clothes you'd understand about tattered!) So he's pretty much set up for another year of teaching. Oh yeah, we found these at a Salvation Army in Wichita, Kansas while visiting family. Below is a couple of pics of my finds. We've somehow given away most of our spare sheets for anything besides our king-sized bed, so when we discovered that our new futon used a full sheet and that twins fit our couch perfectly I began my quest for good deals on sheets. Well, below you'll see a pile of sheets, pillow cases and pillow shams in various sizes. There's even a brand new twin fitted sheet still in the package! How much did they set me back? Eight bucks for all I could stuff in a paper grocery sack!

Here's a close-up of a small dog blanket that actually got me started on my quest to fill the bag.


Emily and Matt said...

I love the dog blanket, it's cute! Isn't it fun being thrifty sometimes? :o)

Love ya!

The Redhead Riter said...

What! I'm so jealous LOL