Thursday, April 29, 2010

We have ants!!!

Well it's that time of the year again when those pesky little black ants make their way inside. They ALWAYS come in through the kitchen window and scout around on the counter. We don't leave food out and try our best to keep everything clean, so they migrate towards the coffee pot and hang out there. I refuse to spray poison in the kitchen or really anywhere inside the house, so googled natural ways to get rid of ants. One thing suggested was borax which I happened to have on hand, so what you see below is the borax powder dotted with bloated dead ants that accumulated while we were at work today. The pic below this one shows some red pepper flakes that I sprinkled on the ledge above the sink just because, I'm sorry, but I can't stand those nasty little critters and didn't want to see them crawling around. I read that they don't like it, so they won't cross over it. I've never seen an ant run so fast as the one who found an opening in those flakes and scooted across back in to hiding! Tomorrow Mike will buy some of those non-toxic ant things that lure them in, then coat them with some kind of magical product that kills the rest of their friends and family when they go back to the nest. Hey, I'm all ears here (or should I say eyes?) if you've got any suggestions for more natural, clean and non-toxic ways to rid my home of these annual invaders! Oh, by the way, that toothbrush is for our dogs.

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