Sunday, March 7, 2010

My homemade night splint for plantar fasciitis

Here's what I did today, well actually over the past week. I sewed a rough version of one of the night splints found in a specialty catalog called Foot Smart. It wouldn't hold my foot at a 90 degree angle though, so yesterday I bought a heavy duty metal shelf support and revised my pattern to accommodate that support. The slideshow includes a pic of the real night splint which of course looks much better than mine, but hey, this one is custom made and fitted for my foot and leg AND was almost free! The shelf support set me back just a little over five bucks and the fleece, elastic, velcro and rubbermaid shelf liner all came from my stash. I'll let you know how things go after I've slept with this contraption for a couple of nights. SOMETHING has GOT to help eliminate this pain in my foot, so wish me luck!

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Marj said...

So, how did this work out for your plantar fasciitis? I am looking into making my own and yours looks like it would work. Nice work.

Sharon said...

It didn't make the pain go away. I ended up buying some HTP Heel Seats on Amazon and they completely healed the pain! Guess it's time to update my blog, huh? I also started wearing anti-pronation running shoes, not to run, but almost all the time. I think the combination of the heel seats and supportive shoes really helped.