Monday, March 29, 2010

Doggy Do and Dead Bird (aka my not-so-typical day after work)

Before leaving work today Mike called to say he would be late because he needed to do an IEP with one of the school kids. He had the feeling I'd come home to a mess because our middle dog, Charlie, has been having issues ever since we took Tucker in for surgery. We thought he'd be okay since Tucker is home and doing fine, but guess not. I knew when I had barely walked in the back door that something was amiss and after following my nose to the hall bath I found this:

Eeeewwwwww! Something's up with his intestines because it had a rather green tint and was rather runny. Yeah I know TMI, but just wanted to share this "joy" with someone! Okay, so after walking away from this mess, thinking to myself "well Mike said he'd clean up any mess I found", I walk out the front door to get the mail and am promptly greeted by this:

Since there weren't any visible signs of injury, as in cat puncture wounds, all I can assume is that the poor thing ran head on in to the front picture window! On Saturday a pair of robins swooped in so low they nearly hit one of our guests on the head as he exited his car. Guess with the warmer weather comes mating season and with mating season comes craziness, huh? So, long story short, I cleaned up the doggy do and left the bird for Mike to haul off (in a plastic sack of course.)

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katlupe said...

Oh no, that is a Robin. One of my favorite birds. My cats are avid hunters and only one in all the years we lived here got one, but I saved it before she could kill it. It must have run into the window. How sad.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I want to tell you that I love your coyote photo!!! They are all around us, and unlike most people.....I like them.
shhh! Don't tell anyone.