Monday, January 7, 2008

Recycled plastic bag tote in progress

I finally took five hours to cut strips of plastic bags with my rotary cutter, then spent the next two days hooking the loops together and rolling into balls so I could begin crocheting this tote bag. The next thing might be a rug for the garage using double strands and a large crochet hook. It was really quite relaxing doing all the cutting, tying and rolling. The actual crocheting is a little tough, especially when I get to the rubbery bags with the red circles (you all know the store name...) because they don't slide across the hook the way the other do. The bag will be very tough, durable and very washable. Below you will see the series of pictures showing the stack of strips, then pile of strips tied together, then the balls wound up.

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Mandi said...

Thanks for dropping by....and what an amzing idea and very well done...making bags out of bags ...that is what I call good recycling and good improvisation of any discarded will have to put some up on Flickr there is a recycling group I think also this site might feature them...

take care and Happy New Year