Friday, January 25, 2008

Kansas Pictures

Yesterday I made the switch from Internet Explorer 7 to Firefox after spending two days not being able to log in to my new favorite site: Well if you know how that site works, you HAVE to be able to log in to find out who your swap partners are, read and leave comments, and so on. Imagine my frustration when the ONLY site that wouldn't allow me in was that one! Sign from God? Well I refused to accept that as an answer, so decided to go with an alternative. Anyone else out there using it? Comments? Anyway.... while looking over my quick links I found this site that I had forgotten about. Yeah, crazy that a state employee forgot about the official state site, huh? Well it's true! If you want to see some awesome pictures of Kansas, go here
It is the official State of Kansas web site and these photos have been submitted by local citizens. It was a nice reminder for me after weeks of cold, snow and ice to remember that in the spring, summer and fall we really do have some very nice geography. Now, it's back to my bookmarks...

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