Thursday, January 21, 2010

My first attempt at making mozzarella

After reading my new Hobby Farm Home magazine

I decided to try my hand at making Mozzarella cheese. Seemed easy enough, just three ingredients:

I mean, how hard could that be??? Just dissolve the citric acid and rennet in water and add to the milk.

Then heat to the right temperature, at which point the milk should now be thick like yogurt....

Well, I guess skim milk doesn't work with this recipe because it wasn't thick and the curds weren't formed enough to scoop out of the whey, so the next best thing was to try their whey ricotta...

All seemed to be okay. It even looked good hanging there draining...

Made me feel kind of productive. The end product was very dry and needed some heavy cream, so I added it to my homemade potato soup.

Now THAT was good eating!
Lesson learned? When the recipe says to use whole or 2% milk, follow the instructions!


Emily and Matt said...

Well, at least it tasted good after all that effort! I'll have to try the recipe sometime (with 2% milk, of course). I love mozzarella!!!


Sharon said...

I made it again today with whole milk and it turned out great!