Sunday, July 5, 2009

Awesome necklace and earrings made by Emily!

I have to show off my new necklace and earrings that Emily made for my 55th Birthday (it's tomorrow, but we celebrated yesterday)! Isn't she just the most AWESOME daughter? Yes, I think so too!!!

It's been a while since I last posted here. Most of my posting has been on Charmin's blog as I'm attempting to document what appears to be her last days/months or whatever. Just when we think she'll never get up again she surprises us, so I just didn't want to miss out on capturing her funny antics, senior moments and her siblings' reactions to it all.

Since the March wedding is over I've been more or less chilling out, dabbling a little in paper crafts, sewing, crochet and latchhook. Not much exciting happening and not much energy to do anything. I started another blog to document my paper crafting room as I attempt to organize it in to a usable space for creating memory albums and greeting cards. It hasn't been updated lately either, like I said, my energy level is pretty low. I'll talk to my doc about it later this month when I go in for my annual physical.

Ok, enough whining! On a more positive note, Emily and Matt bought a home! We've been over a few days helping paint and unpack. They are so happy to be able to call something their own, not have to ask the landlord for permission before doing something. Emily's awesome sense of design is showing very quickly as she transforms the drab white walls or overly colorful wallpapered walls in to classy and inviting colors. Her kitchen is a very cheerful light apple green upper with ivory below (I'm sure the colors all have some other exotic names but they escape me right now). The downstairs bath has a very classy dark eggplant on one wall and light chestnut on the other three walls. Their master bedroom has a very warm, dark walnut on one wall and lighter beige on the other three. Like I said, the names of all colors are very different. Have you looked at paint colors lately? I mean they're either foods, herbs, spices, sexy beaches or something totally made up. Can't you just imagine the think tank that comes up with those names? Suppose they run a contest or something like Crayola did for their new colors?

Well, time to move on to something else, there's so much to do and so little time to do it all.....

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